Immediate plans for entrepreneurship development in Uzbekistan

The President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, familiarized himself with proposals to boost employment and reduce requirements in entrepreneurship. Official statistics indicate that the country has 1.3 million unemployed individuals, with an additional 2.4 million expected to enter the labor market this year.

To address this, the plan is to create sustainable and valuable local jobs to employ 5 million people in various sectors. The service sector alone presents opportunities to employ 2.5 million people, with another 2.1 million in agriculture, 250 thousand in investment projects and industry, and 140 thousand in construction.

Furthermore, the goal is to involve 2 million people in business through the wide adoption of new financial instruments, including introducing the new microfinance system. During the presentation, officials provided details on the program for creating new jobs and promoting work until 2024, which was approved by the President, who also provided additional instructions for its implementation.

Interesting stats

It was highlighted that 2.4 million people have become self-employed in recent years. It is crucial to support them in expanding their activities, gradually transitioning to small businesses, and finding markets. Introducing the “My Business” platform and “First Step to Business” bank cards will facilitate this process.

Establishing infrastructure on lands not previously used for economic purposes and supporting project initiators was emphasized. The “100 thousand dehkan-exporters” program will be implemented based on the “Aggregator” system, with 15 thousand hectares of land set to be auctioned this year.

Additionally, the significance of providing professional training for individuals without work experience and offering tax benefits to enterprises hiring citizens from the social register was noted. The Ministry of Economy and Finance was tasked with identifying additional resources and opportunities for job creation.

business and hobby
Business and hobby

The presentation also addressed proposals to simplify licensing procedures and reduce mandatory requirements in entrepreneurship. This year, declared the “Year of Support for Youth and Business” in the country, aims to create even more favorable conditions for doing business.

It is worth mentioning that entrepreneurs still face cases where they are asked for additional information already available in relevant information systems. Starting this year, 34 types of certificates and reports will be eliminated, allowing more than 21 thousand entrepreneurs to save 500 million sums annually.

There currently needs to be a unified list of reports required from entrepreneurs. Therefore, the President instructed the introduction of a unified reporting system. Additionally, it was suggested that 16 types of licenses and permits be abolished to reduce requirements for entrepreneurs.

The task is to inform entrepreneurs about these innovations, continually analyze their proposals, and optimize statistical reporting.