Dropshipping: a business owner’s guide

Dropshipping is a method of retail sale in which the seller distributes goods without prior purchase. The fact is that this entrepreneur is an intermediary who takes orders from customers and sends them to the addresses of buyers. Often, they do not even see products during trading.

Many excellent tools and business models exist for modern drop shippers, such as Chinese Cider Dropshipping or AliExpress. These are ideal platforms for entrepreneurs who plan to trade clothing and fashion accessories and decide to get extra passive income. But how do we create dropshipping as a business model today? Let’s understand.

Dropshipping as an advanced business model

Choosing a dropshipping platform is one of the key steps you must solve on the way to a successful business. There are two major types of platforms: marketplace and customized e-commerce platforms.


These are developed platforms through which entrepreneurs supply products to an established customer base. Although it is not the most customized platform, experts can adapt and optimise them under the templates of their online shops. As a result, a unique set of products is obtained, which will be sealed under conditions of severe market competition.

Modern Internet gives entrepreneurs several popular and proven marketplaces for dropshipping:

  1. Facebook Shops. Today, it is one of the most advanced marketplaces in the field of e-commerce. Its strengths include a simple interface, low transaction fees (5% per transaction), direct interaction with customers, and excellent business promotion tools. Because of the innovative approach, it is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of dropshipping. Entrepreneurs can communicate with clients through Meta Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct.
  2. eBay. That is the most popular and reliable e-commerce market for new sellers today. An entrepreneur can forget about the need for initial investment and plan a promising business with intense growth of competitiveness. Among eBay’s strengths are its easy start, free organic traffic, and excellent tools for business promotion.
  3. Walmart. This retailer has been gaining popularity for years. The main value of Walmart is customer focus and support for any business. Dropshipping on the Walmart platform can create an attractive brand focusing on several categories of products.

Customized e-commerce platforms

These tools allow entrepreneurs and their employees to create online shopping sites from scratch. Designing an online store can fully meet the business objectives of the particular brand. The main tools of drop shippers that plan to create a business on such platforms are effective marketing strategies to increase store attendance and expand their customer base.

Moreover, the Internet offers entrepreneurs many effective websites for dropshipping. Among them are Shopify, Wix, Ecwid, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Entrepreneurs can count on an unlimited list of goods from the first day of business opening. Dropshipping on web platforms is an easy start for those professionals who do not have narrowly targeted technical skills and want to get free website use.


Today, entrepreneurs have many platforms and free AI tools for dropshipping. Business can be ideal for every beginner entrepreneur since millions of professionals and developers tend to have successful professional activities in this field. You, too, can understand the principles of effective dropshipping and run a business that is sure to be profitable and successful.